History of 23rd December

Former Prime Minister of India, Chaudhary Charan Singh was born. His Birth Anniversary is celebrated as KISAAN DIWAS

1788 – Maryland voted to cede a 100-square-mile area for the seat of the national government. About two-thirds of the area became the District of Columbia.

1823 – The poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement C. Moore (” ‘Twas the night before Christmas…”) was published.

1834 – English architect Joseph Hansom patented his ‘safety cab’, better known as the Hansom cab.

1852 – The Theatre of Celestial John opened on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco, CA. It was the first Chinese theatre in the U.S.

1856 – Ralph Collier was issued a U.S. patent for the first rotary egg beater with rotating parts.

1880 – Thomas Edison incorporated the Edison Electric Light Company of Europe.

1888 – Following a quarrel with Paul Gauguin, Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh cut off part of his own earlobe.

1893 – The Engelbert Humperdinck opera “Hansel and Gretel” was first performed, in Weimar, Germany.

1902 – Former Prime Minister of India, Chaudhary Charan Singh was born.

1912 – Bomb thrown at Viceroy. Viceroy injured.

1913 – The Federal Reserve Bill was signed into law by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. The act established 12 Federal Reserve Banks.

1919 – The first ship designed to be used as an ambulance for the transport patients was launched. The hospital ship was named USS Relief and had 515 beds.

1922 – The British Broadcasting Corporation began daily news broadcasts.

1926 – Arya Samaj Leader Swami Shraddhanand murdered in Delhi

1929 – Gandhi – Irwin Meeting

1930 – Ruth Elizabeth Davis, an unknown actress, arrived in Hollywood, under contract to Universal Studios. Universal changed her name to Bette Davis for the movies.

1938 – “Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch” was heard for the final time on the radio.

1941 – During World War II, American forces on Wake Island surrendered to the Japanese.

1942 – Bob Hope agreed to entertain U.S. airmen in Alaska. It was the first of the traditional Christmas shows.

1943 – “Hansel and Gretel,” the opera, was televised on New York’s WRBG. It was the first complete opera to be televised.

1947 – John Bardeen, Walter H. Brattain and William Shockley invented the transistor.

1993 – Prime Minister announced Local Area Development Scheme by MPs. Each MP given Rs. One crore

1995 – Fire tragedy. 400 children and parents died due to fire in school celebrations of DAV school.

2012 – Sachin Tendulkar declared retirement from One day cricket

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