Teenage girl raped by man in UP

The crime came into light when the victim's family approached the police

In an incident, a 15-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a man in a village in Muzaffarnagar of Uttar Pradesh. The crime came into light when the victim’s family approached the police.

Going into the details, with the outbreak of Coronavirus, the villagers are strictly implementing lockdown and told people not to come out of the houses unnecessarily. With this, the streets became deserted. In this context, a young man was feeling bored staying at home and even couldn’t go out.

Meanwhile, he saw a girl walking in the street carrying groceries, and there was no one present outside in the lane. Taking advantage of the situation, he threw a ball on the road and asked the girl to give him the ball. When she came near him to give the ball, he grabbed her hand and took her into his house by threatening her with a knife and raped her.

Later, he threatened to kill her if she discloses the matter with anyone. The girl left the place crying and run towards her house. As soon as, she reached the home, the girl told the incident with her parents.

Immediately, they approached the police station and lodged the complaint. Upon receiving the information, the police registered a case and are investigating further.

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