Still unclear when Sridevi’s body will be handed over!!

It is now said that a medical panel has been formed

It is still unclear how long it would take in handing over of Sridevi’s mortal remains as Dubai police is now known to have told the Indian Embassy that “another clearance” is awaited.

It need be mentioned that the body needs to be flown back to Mumbai but final clearance has still not been given by the Dubai authorities.

It is now said that a medical panel has been formed to look into the evidence and forensic report.

This even as the

report had earlier asserted that the death was caused by “accidentally drowning”

in a bathtub in Sridevi’s hotel room on Saturday.

Police meanwhile have recorded Boney Kapoor’s statements as he is the husband of the deceased.

Meanwhile, India’s envoy to the United Arab Emirates Navdeep Suri reiterated that they are working with local authorities to ensure that mortal remains can be sent to India at the earliest.

The ambassador also went on to caution against speculations and added that the final decision in this regard must be left to the experts.

He said that they are in regular contact with Sridevi’s family.

Sridevi’s body will be brought back to Mumbai for the funeral by a chartered jet.

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