Docs struggle for emergency OT in RML hospital!! ; know more

This is when a delivery case always gets importance

In a rather bizarre case, a tug-of-war has broken out among the doctors of Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital.

The resentment is said to be on the issue of carrying out surgeries or other emergency procedures at emergency operation theatre.

This is when a delivery case always gets importance and priority amidst the ongoing fight between the gynaecology and surgery departments on conducting an emergency procedures.

It need be mentioned that the hospital’s common emergency OT conducts ENT, paediatric, gynaecology and plastic surgeries.

Though the facility had to be shifted to the new building, it has not happened as yet


Thus the tug of war began as the many critical cases arrive sometimes and a priority always has to be given to the woman in labour pain.

But the other such emergency cases are also important but the constraint is that the Operation Theatre can only be used for one case at a time.

Therefore, surgery patient have to wait for another few hours,it was informed.

RML senior most officials said that the emergency OT will soon be shifted to new block.

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