Police nabs suspects of flesh trade; in Mahasamund

Yet another major episode of flesh trade ongoing in the Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh emerged in the open.

The local police carried out a raid under relevant sections of the PITA act and arrested over dozen and half of men, women suspected to be engaged in this illicit activity.

Police have also seized objectionable materials from their possession.

The episode is said to be of Tumgaon in Mahasamund where police was tipped off for sex racket ongoing in an under-construction building.

Police sent one of its own disguised as ‘customer’ who sealed the deal and then signalled he police to raid the premises.

The local police raided the premises to arrest 20 people including seven women.

The arrested men are said to be belonging to Tumgaon, Arang and Raipur.

The women however are said to be from Mahasamund and nearby areas.

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