Strike in South Indian film industries from March ??

Despite several rounds of talks between the digital service providers (DSPs) and the members of various south Indian film industries, the latter have announced that the strike will happen from March 1.

It had earlier been announced as well.

The Tamil Film Producer Council, in a statement issued, announced this and also stated that it will continue until further notice from the councils.

The four film industries have claimed that the Virtual Print Fee charged by Digital Service Providers such as Qube or UFO is way too expensive.

This leads to costs coming to the tune of up to Rs 22,500 per screen for the producer despite it being a regional film.

This charge includes a fee for hiring and delivering the content through digital distribution channel in theatres.

While theatre operators and DSPs earn from advertising, this revenue doesn’t reach the producers.

The producers, on the other hand, say that Hollywood films only get a charge of Rs 10,000 for their lifetime while regional content has to pay higher rates.

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