Abuses hurled at Cgarh Cong Pres; on his Twitter; polity heats up

demanded an elaborate probe into the incident

Chhattisgarh Congress leaders are incensed in that a Twitter user actually resorted to hurling abuses at the state party chief Bhupesh Baghel on his Twitter account.

The fact was raised by Congress communications cell chairman Shailesh Nitin Trivedi who said that the abuser must be supporter of BJP.

He said that Baghel had tweeted about the ego of the Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh which has left supporters of the BJP baffled and they are now resorting to such tactics.

He questioned

how anyone could go to this extent

when it comes to expressing views on social media.

He demanded an elaborate probe into the incident.

It need be mentioned that Chhattisgarh Congress Chief Bhupesh Baghel had tweeted in response to hurling of abuses that it is okay to criticize but standard of language must be maintained and unparliamentary language must not be used.

He said that use of such derogatory language is threat to the democracy itself.

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