Meghan Markle became the biggest fashion influencer

Meghan Markle had attended the Invictus Games in Toronto in September last year with Prince Harry wearing the famous Mother Denim jeans

Meghan Markle undoubtedly has become the biggest fashion influencer currently. Whatever she wears, the brands, the styles; everything instantly becomes a major fashion rage.

The royal-to-be is looked and followed extremely closely and she has already created a massive fan following for herself. Her style statement swings from being chic, young and casual to prim, proper and high power eliteness.

Markle attended the Invictus Games in Toronto in September last year wearing a pair of Mother Denims which was a smart balance with perfect fitting and a chic distressed detailing. The Los Angeles based brand is flooded with requests from over 400 women who want to steal Meghan’s style.

“We brought back The Looker Ankle Fray in [the wash] Love Gun that Meghan wore, due to the high demand which came directly from her wearing it,” Lela Becker, the label’s founder, tells The Telegraph.

“The day after Meghan wore our jeans, we saw nearly a 200% increase in traffic on our website more people came to that day than they did on Black Friday. We were all so thrilled, we couldn’t believe the numbers. For the month of October, we saw a massive spike. We beat our sales forecast by nearly 20%.”

However, the pair of jeans that Meghan wore were from the past collection and the brand was unaware that the former Suit’s star would wear them with Prince Harry to the Invictus Games. “We did not have her exact style on sale at the time she wore them as they were past season,” Becker explains, noting that they instead experienced a wider halo effect on sales across the brand.

Mother Denim has a reputation of rarely stacking back styles once it has been sold out. “Very occasionally we will recut if there is high demand, this style was popular originally but we were not considering re-cutting it. That was until Meghan wore it and so many people were specially asking for the exact style. We made the decision to re-issue it in December.”

The ‘Meghan effect’ is surely working with the sale of the brand skyrocketing. The brand boasts of a high profile clientele like, Gigi Hadid, Claudia Schiffer and Kendall Jenner. The Looker Jeans have been now renamed as “The Meghan”.

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