Google: Plans to make Android Messages app an iMessage Competitor

Google plans to make Android Messages app an iMessage competitor

Rich Communication Service or RCS is not a new term in the telecommunication industry.

It is, in a way, an updated version of the SMS service that you use often. RCS can support multimedia, file sharing, group or single chats, location sharing, audio messaging and much more.

Google is at the forefront of RCS and is now diverting more forces towards the particular platform. As a result, it is halting the development of its Allo messaging app, reports The Verge.

The report adds that Google is planning to implement RCS, or what they call as ‘Chat’ into their own stock Messaging app, something that will bring the app up against Apple’s iMessage.

It is worth adding that Apple iMessage already has most of the features that RCS touts however, the platform is limited to Apple’s own ecosystem.

Chat, however, is a carrier-based service and not something coming from Google directly. Also mentioned is that Chat won’t be end-to-end encrypted, unlike Apple’s iMessage.

Google is already in talks with several carriers around the globe for the implementation of RCS or Chat in their messaging system. And several handsets have Android Messages as their default texting app.

Samsung is also said to support Chat services in its default messaging app. If you specifically want to use Google’s stock messaging app, it can be downloaded any time from the Play Store.

Unlike SMS, the new version will take up some amount of data, but everything depends on the telecom carriers.

Furthermore, the report states that RCS developments will now be spearheaded by Anil Sabharwal, who earlier used to head Google Photos. The entire Allo team is said to have been shifted to the RCS project, states the report.

Allo was launched two years ago and was one of the first apps based on Google Assistant.

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