39 Bodies Found in Lorry in England

Police forensic officers attend the scene after a truck was found to contain a large number of dead bodies, in South England.

All the 39 people that were found in a truck’s lorry in England’s Essex are Chinese nationals, British media reported on Thursday, 24 October.

Meanwhile, UK police are revising their theories about the truck found in southeast England with the bodies inside, saying it traveled from Belgium to England, not from Ireland as they thought earlier.

Essex police said on Wednesday that their earlier statement that the truck went from Ireland to Wales was incorrect. They now say it went from Zeebrugge in Belgium to Purfleet in England via a ferry.

A 25-year-old-man from Northern Ireland has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Police raided two sites in Northern Ireland and questioned a truck driver as officers investigate the death of the 39 people found in the container at an industrial park in southeastern England.


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