4-month infant abducted in Balrampur; returns safely after ‘payment’

In a shocking case of abduction of four-month old infant, the child’s father is said to have paid the ransom of Rs five lakhs to ensure safe release of his child.

It was only after they got their child back that they informed the police which has so far arrested four of five accused.

According to the Balrampur police sources, at least one of the abductors was business partner with Arun Kushwah, father of the infant.

While they arrived on the evening of  Friday, Kushwah’s wife allowed them into the drawing room as they were acquaintances but as she went about to make tea for the guests, they left with the infant without any notice or warning.

They then began demanding money in lieu of the child.

The father arranged Rs 5 lakh and the exchange took place but he later tipped the police which has so far arrested four of the accused.

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