41 people killed in fire at hospital in South Korea

The death toll, from South Korea’s hospital fire has risen to 41 Officials said more than 80 people injured in the accident.

In a press briefing, the head of Miryang city’s fire station, Choi Man-woo, said the fire started in the early morning at the rear of the emergency room on the first floor of Sejong Hospital in the southern city of Miryang,South Gyeongsang Province .

He said some victims died on their way to another hospital. Hospital director Song Byeong-cheol said at least 177 patients, most of them elderly were at the hospital and nursing home when the fire broke out.

The cause of the accident is still unknown. Officials said they are still investigating the cause. President Moon Jae-in convened an emergency meeting with top aides and called on the government to take “all necessary measures” to help survivors.

Last month, 29 people were killed in a fire at a building that houses a sports center and a sauna in the city of Jecheon, central South Korea.

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