5 Best sweets for Lohri festival

The Lohri festival boasts a variety of tasteful sweets

Gajak is a popular Indian sweet made especially in the winter season.
This dry and delicious sweet is prepared by mixing a variety of dried fruit and solidified milk cream with a good amount of sugar and ghee.
Gajak is a rich and delectable dessert item traditionally eaten during Lohri
Lohri festival is one of the well-known festivals among Sikh and Hindu followers.
Also known as the harvest festival of India, Lohri is widely celebrated in the Northern part of India, especially in the state of Punjab.
This wintertime Punjabi folk festival brings a lot of cheerfulness and a guiltless reason to eat as much as one wants.

The traditional Lohri food is enriching and talks of savories like sarson ka saag, makai ki roti, paneer butter mala, bajra khichdi, and many more.
But talking of sweets, the Lohri festival in winters boasts a variety of tasteful sweets including ganne ki kheer, gajak, dry fruit chikkis, til ke laddoo, atta laddoo, and the list is endless.

To make your Lohri even more delicious, we have listed below a few food items which you should definitely try this festival!

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