5 Daily Habits that will change your life !

Building good habits is a sure shot for making your life great and satisfying. Here is list of 5 habits that you must inculcate for a better you !

1)ALWAYS LEAVE A TWO HOUR GAP BETWEEN YOUR SLEEP AND LAST MEAL – Of course there is a bulb in your refrigerator but its not to support you midnight snacks ! Strictly avoid late night binges as they not only make you feel lethargic the next day but also severely damage your  digestion . Make it a part of your habit routine.

2)SPEND TIME WITH OLDER PEOPLE – Always hanging out with people your age certainly affects your thinking capacity . Making this a habit is  imporatnt. So start spending time with senior citizens and people elder to you .They do have interesting stories to share and blessings to give .Try it once or twice a month.

3)ENGAGE IN HIGH FIBRE FOOD AND GREENS – Vegetables and fruits should be a part of your daily diet as they are rich in vita,mins , minerals and fibres. Fibres help regulate your bowel movements and a happy gut is equal to a happy you .

4)LISTEN TO PODCASTS OR READ MOTIVATIONAL STUFF –  As you are walking in the street or maybe working out you are just exercising your mind , but yes there is a need to exercise your brain as well. So every time you plug into your earphone , despite of tuning into your playlist just start with podcasts . You could also invest in some good books providing you with motivation.Reading should either way be a habit .

5)HARNESS THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – The height of activity of your subconscious mind is when you are sleeping or about to sleep . Lets consider this, Your mind is a ship, so your conscious mind is the crew and your subconscious mind is the crew .Now to harness that , you need to contemplate and meditate before 20 minutes of your sleeping ; as simple as that !

Cultivating these habits are sure to boost up your life and happiness

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