5 Pocket Friendly Office Snacks

An eight hour desk job could get pretty monotonous. Multiple commitments, meetings, and brainstorming further drains out every ounce of energy that one carries. While one does break for lunch once a day to refuel themselves, let’s admit it most of us are guilty of tucking into the salty chips, crackers, aerated drinks, noodles, and sugary desserts through the course of the day. The urge to binge results in piling of calories way more than the energy we expend, thereby resulting in weight gain.

Here are some cheap and healthy desk snack options you can try.

1. Cucumber Sticks

Bite into crunchy sticks of cucumber each time cravings hit. Cucumber not only gives your mouth an instant kick of freshness, but the chewing action also takes your attention away from fattening or sugar laden snacks.

2. Healthy Digestive Biscuits

Ditch the sugary cookies with healthy cookies made with ingredients like atta, ragi or oats. Not only are they more nutritious than their maida counterparts but their high fibre content gives you a feeling of fullness, thereby preventing you to binge on other fattening snacks.

3. Yogurt

A pack of yogurt or dahi would be another great snacking alternative. There are a lot of flavours to choose from too. Yogurt comes packed with good bacteria which can wonders for your gut health.

4. Soya Chips

Those trying to cut on carbs we have got good news for you. Grab a pack of Soya chips. They are easily available in any departmental store. Soya chips are similar to potato chips in terms of appearance and texture, but they’re made with soyabean flour instead of potatoes, and also rank high on nutritive content.

5. DIY Trail Mix

Grab hold of a mason jar, add some roasted puffed rice or oats and toss in some of your favourite dry fruits, seeds nuts and raisins. Keep the jar at your desk and munch on when hunger strikes.

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