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5 thousand labourers returned to work in the capital

Raipur: Migrant labourers are returning back to work amid Corona crisis in Raipur. Due to which the economy is back on track. So far, about 5 thousand migrant labourers have come to Raipur, who are being given employment after the end of the quarantine period.

The workers are getting employment opportunities under many ambitious schemes of the government. During the lockdown, a large number of workers stayed here, due to which there is no shortage of workers in the state’s factory and industry. Assistant Labour Commissioner U.K. Kachhap said that during the Corona period, all departments have worked together.

All departments have their own roles. Right now around 5000 migrant laborers have returned to the capital and the arrival is still continuing. People whose quarantine time is over, they are being given employment. For those who are coming, the work of providing employment in the ambitious schemes of the government is going on continuously. He said that thousands of migrant labuorers from other states had reached the capital and arrangements were done to send them back to their state. Large number of workers preferred to stay here.

On the instruction of the state government, relief materials were sent to the workers in time and they preferred to stay in Raipur. Due to which the industries are now running smoothly here. A large number of migrant laborers have come from Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.


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