6 Effective Ways to Get Longer Eyelashes

Longer Eyelashes: Women always love taking care of every inch of their body in order to feel beautiful and confident. We see a lot of ladies taking a great care of their hairs because they want to have long luscious and sexy hair; they also use a lot of makeup products to look the best version of themselves and these products usually include using a mascara, for having long eyelashes always make you sexier and draw more attention to your face, especially your eyes. In spite of loving to have long and beautiful eyelashes, we find them falling out and getting thin, which is probably why we use mascara in the first place, right? We want to give them greater volumes, but that does not stop us from being conscious about these beautiful lashes of ours to be falling off until we no longer seem to have ones.

Well, here is a fact that most of the women do not know about; eyelashes are pretty similar to the hair; they can fall out from improper upkeep, like rubbing our eyes roughly and using harsh makeup products. They need constant routine lashes care to grow thicker naturally. Although a lot of women might retreat to the synthetic methods for having longer eyelashes, like mascara and extensions, these methods can make the real lashes even weaker and stimulate them to fall out more, so instead of these harsh and harmful ways to beautify your eyes, there are a lot of natural remedies that can give you the results you desire. In this article, you will be introduced to several ways which you can use to make your eyelashes naturally grow longer. Check them out.

6 Have a balanced diet – Of course, a lot of people might not believe that their eating habits have a lot to do with the health of their eyelashes. Just like we have always heard that eating healthy can make your hair grow longer and thicker, the same rules are applied to the eyelashes because, after all, they are also hair follicles that need to be stimulated and taken care of in order to grow. Consequently, make sure to always include a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet, so you can have those long sexy eyelashes that you are trying to naturally have.
5 Use castor & natural oils

Castor oil has always been known as a powerful simulator for the hair follicles, besides, this oil also aids in killing the micro-organisms that might hinder the growth of the hair follicles and it is also known to be a prevailing moisturizer that some people actually use for getting rid of cracked and dry lips. If you want long healthy eyelashes, then Castor oil should be on the top of your considerations list. Here is how to use it:
With the brush that you should be using for stroking your eyelashes, make sure that it is clean and safe to use then use it to apply the castor oil to your lashes every day before you go to bed and let it sit there on overnight and once you wake up, go wash your face with warm water. It is also recommended that you add a few drops of vitamin E oil to the castor oil.

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