6 habits that have a scary impact on health

1. Grinding your teeth too hard could break them into pieces

“Some of my patients have even cut their tongue on the fragments of what [teeth] broke off in their mouth,” he said. “One of the most ‘scary’ occurrences that happen from time to time are patients who wake up and look in the mirror in the morning and find a front tooth missing or broken off from grinding that occurred during the night.”

2. Picking your pimples could cause a serious infection.

“If you pick the skin with long, dirty nails or fingers, the skin might become traumatized leading to inflammation,” he told INSIDER. “Inflammation may result in worsening of the pimple itself. If the skin barrier is broken, the skin may be at risk for developing an infection and can lead to potential permanent scarring.”

3. Biting your nails could cause “permanent disfigurement.”

“Biting your nails and your cuticles can increase your likelihood of developing infections of the fingers,” Zeichner said.

He added that the most common problem is called paronychia, a skin infection near the nails that can effect just one or all of them. Additionally, your fingers may become red, tender, and swollen, and may end up developing pus around the nail, Zeichner said. Chronic paronychia, which keeps coming back, can cause the cuticle to breakdown and the nail to separate from the skin.

4. Picking your nose could create a hole in the nasal septum.

“Picking your nose can introduce germs and cause abrasions that bleed which also promote germs,” he said. This picking will only increase the crustation and mucus creation.

Voight said that some children pick their nose so intensely that they give themselves nosebleeds. This is because, as he explained, five arteries lead to the front of the nose.

5. Going barefoot at the gym could lead to plantar warts and athletes foot.

Other symptoms of athletes foot include scaly skin, itching, and burning between the toes, MedlinePlus reports. If you do get stuck with athletes foot, it can be treated with over-the-counter creams.

6. Not cleaning your phone screen can cause acne and for some possible infection.

“Not washing your cell phone regularly means that dirt, oil, and bacteria […] rubs against your skin,” he said. “This may lead to inflammation in people with sensitive skin and can promote acne flares.” Theoretically, he added that holding your dirty phone against broken or compromised skin might lead to infection.

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