7 Best Things That Happen When You Kiss Your Partner

In a romantic relationship, kissing is one of the fun elements and it is needless to say all couples look forward to this. From small pecks on the cheeks to a passionate lip-lock, kissing can really spice up your relationship or add a new dimension to it. It not only sends a sensation down your spine but also makes you feel physically attracted to your partner. You may feel the urge to bring your partner closer to you and express your love in the form of warm and intense kissing.

But do you know it is more than just a way of expressing love to your partner? In fact, there are some benefits of kissing that you may not be knowing.

However, you don’t have to worry about being unknown about the benefits of kissing as we have listed them here for you. Scroll down the article to read them.

1. It Increases Intimacy Between You And Your Partner

The moment you kiss your partner, physical intimacy between you and your partner develops. You may feel that a thousand butterflies in your stomach and stars are shooting inside your head and all you want to do is live that moment. This is when you start developing another level of intimacy where you are lost in each other. This brings you closer to each other and you tend to cherish this moment.

2. It Helps You In Strengthening Your Emotional Bond

Since kissing your partner gave you a different level of pleasure and intimacy, you get emotionally attached to your partner more than before. Though physical intimacy is not a primary thing in a relationship, kissing can help you in getting close to your partner. You tend to recall the pleasure you gained during your kiss and this makes you feel loved and special.

Shiv, a 25-year-old designer from Delhi told Boldsky, “The day I kissed my girlfriend for the first time, I could sense a strong emotional bond between me and my girlfriend. I don’t know how but yes things changed for better after we had our first kiss.”

3. It Decreases Your Stress Level

Some reports suggest that kissing can actually help in reducing one’s stress level. Since your mind produces more happy hormones and you enjoy the intimacy between you and your partner, kissing can reduce your stress level. You tend to beam with happiness and feel energetic after you have lived a moment full of passion, spark and love.

4. It Makes You Feel Good And Confident

Due to the release of happy hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin, you start feeling good. In fact, you can find yourself smiling ear to ear even when you recall the intimate moments you spent with your partner. Moreover, the physical touch between you and your partner will fill your mind with positive vibes. You tend to feel more confident in your flaws while meeting your partner.

Sneha (24) a law student from Delhi told Boldsky, “Earlier I used to think that my facial features aren’t too good or attractive for my partner. There was a sense of insecurity. But being intimate with my partner, feeling loved and sharing a kiss made me feel better. Also, maybe because my partner accepted me the way I am.”

5. It Ensures Your Compatibility

In a way, kissing also helps you to find out whether your partner really wants you or not. The way your partner reciprocates can help you in knowing if both of you are on the same page or not. For example, if your partner pushes you aside while you try to kiss him or her, it can be because he or she isn’t interested in it. Or if he or she doesn’t respond back to your kiss, then you can take it as a sign that your partner needs more stress level time.

6. It Helps You To Know Each Other’s Likes And Dislikes

You can also get to know about your partner’s likes and dislikes through kissing. For example, if he or she likes the way you kiss or if your partner wants to take things a little bit slow while getting intimate, this can help you in knowing whether or not your partner likes the intimacy between you two. You can also take your partner’s affirmations into account.

7. It May Increase Your Sex Drive

Kissing can surely help you in increasing your sex drive. Since you experience sensations running throughout your body and a magnetic spark between you and your partner, you tend to look for the same activities again and again. You know that it actually makes you feel good. Moreover, the hormones in you will make you feel physically attracted to your partner. This eventually, makes you have an increased level of sex drive.

If you agree with most of the above-mentioned points then you probably know why kissing your partner often can be a good thing. You can explore more levels of intimacy and pleasure with your partner. Make sure you do genuinely engage yourself while you are kissing your partner and spend quality time with them to make your relationship stronger.

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