7-year-old dies in Bengaluru, father struggles to get Covid report, autopsy as body lies in freezer

His 7-year-old son fell down the stairs on July 2. Two days later, he died at a Bengaluru hospital, but his father is still running from pillar to post for days to get his autopsy done. The hapless father is meanwhile paying huge sums to keep the body of his son stored in a freezer.

According to a report in The Times of India, Aslam Pasha, who is a painter, has been out of work for over 3 months during the lockdown. As his son suffered the accident, he borrowed money from neighbours to pay the hospital dues. But his son did not survive.


As he waits to give a farewell to his son, Abrar Ahmad, he is paying Rs 4,000 per day for the freezer in which the body has been lying for over a week.

The father hasn’t slept in a week since the death of his son.

On July 2, Abrar fell down the staircase in the evening and suffered injuries. His father knocked on the doors of three hospitals as all of them refused to admit the boy. When finally one private hospital agreed to let him in, no treatment showed results. The boy passed away on Sunday.

The local police then came to the hospital and said an autopsy is must in this case and also a coronavirus test, said the report.

The boy’s uncle said a swab sample was collected from the body and the family wanted to shift him to a medical college as the expenses were too much. But the police said the hospital doesn’t have freezers to store the body till the Covid test report is obtained.

The body was then shifted to a private firm that has freezers at a charge of Rs 4,000 per day. The family took loans to clear the hospital dues of Rs 90,000 and are now scrambling to pay for the freezer even while coping with the loss of a young boy.

As he continues to wait for the coronavirus test report and loses more money, the man doesn’t know who to approach or seek help from.



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