70% depressed about Covid-19: Survey

An online study to assess Covid-19’s psychological impact on a cross-section of the society in Bengal has revealed that the outbreak caused depression among 70 per cent of people.

The survey was conducted on March 29 and 30 by Kaustav Chakraborty of the department of psychiatry and Moumita Chatterjee of the department of anatomy at College of Medicine in Kalyani. They contacted 507 people over a period of 24 hours for the study.

Chakraborty said: “An unprecedented scare and anxiety have engulfed a large section of people. Our study is the tip of an iceberg. The World Health Organisation apprehended such psychological impact ever since the disease was declared a pandemic.”

The study indicates 71.2 per cent of the respondents remained depressed over the past two weeks.

A whopping 64.9 per cent of the respondents said Covid-19 had severely affected their mental status. A little over one-fourth of the participants in the survey said the disease had threatened their existence, whereas 30.8 per cent found it difficult to adjust to the lockdown.supported by 96.3 per cent of the participants.

source: telegraph

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