85% industrial units start working in UP

In Uttar Pradesh, almost 85 per cent industrial units have started working again after opening up of economic activities by the State Government. Minister of State for Industrial Development Satish Mahana said that production in these factories have started while maintaining the social distance and rest of the 15 per cent industrial units will soon start working.

Industrial Development Minister Satish Mahana said that while production units saw all time low in the month of March and April, after second phase of Lockdown work again started in industries and it is evident by the power load on industrial feeder also. He said that return of migrant workers from states like Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Karnataka and Delhi has also gone in the favor of state as Industries here are getting more and more orders now.

Citing the example of industrial units of state, which are producing spare parts of cycles and auto rickshaws , Mr Manana said that while production has not started in in other states due to lack of the workers now industries in UP are getting orders of such items. Some units are even getting three times extra order. He said that state has started 21 online services for the benefit of investors during lockdown.

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