A biopic on my life would be a mistake

A biopic on my life would be a mistake

Irrfan Khan speaks on why a biopic on his life would be a mistake.

Talented actor who has been proving his mettle time and again is Irrfan Khan. When a leading daily asked him if he would like to get a biography of his own, he said, “If you ask about me getting my own biography, I cannot do it. Because for me, to go around praising myself is the most boring thing to do.”

He further added, “For the last four years, Penguin publishers are after me to write my story. They are now exhausted trying.”

When asked as to why he wouldn’t want a biography of his own, the Hindi Medium actor said, “I don’t want someone sensationalising episodes of my life and writing about it that way. Then getting people to talk about it and making it news, will be the last thing I would d.”

However, he wouldn’t mind a biography if he is not at the centre of it, he said. “I cannot be at the centre of it. If I get someone who will write it for me, without me, where I just happen to be and they concentrate more on my times, I will definitely be interested.”

He added, “I am from a feudal background, we used to manage in a one-bedroom-hall house…what my father used to do and how things slowly happened — if somebody can have a take on that, I would love to see that. But it should not be about me.”

Irrfan further made it clear that he is not interested in a biopic either. “It has become a trend and now, a formula. So no, a biopic on my life would be a mistake,” he concluded.

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