A Clerk lands in ACB net for meagre Rs 2500

It could have been yet another case of corruption

It could have been yet another case of corruption only that this time the official caught red-handed for accepting bribe received mere Rs 2500.

According to information received, a clerk Arun Shah working in Durg district Ayurved office demanded Rs 5000 for regularization and issuance of salary of employee Deepak Kumar, who was on probation for over two years. Both Arun Shah, the clerk, and an office peon kept harassing Deepak Kumar for bribe after which the latter complained to the ACB. The ACB then asked Deepak Kumar to approach clerk Arun Shah with Rs 2500 whereafter it so happened that clerk signaled the money to be given to peon who then put it in drawer. The ACB then moved to arrest them both.


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