A devotee fall from a height of 3500ft

Still, there are a lot of superstitious people in our society.
A man slipped from a cliff at height in his endeavor to go around a temple hoping seeking good luck.

The temple is in Musiri, Trichy where the incident happened.

People visit Sanjeevi Perumal and attempt to go around the temple. The procedure is called ‘girivalam’ which means you walk around the temple to seek good luck.
The man who attempted to take the rounds fell down the cliff, clearly with no good luck by his side.

The temple has no space around it for worshippers to go around it and the man was warned before he ventured further towards danger.
The incentive for the man who dared to tread in practically no space, was the good luck as it is believed that one dons good fortune if they go around the temple.
The man was already done with two rounds and in the third one, he lost his balance and slipped.

When the matter was checked with the cops, they stated that they are yet to get information about the incident.

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Devotee fell from cliff
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