A man from Mumbai blackmailed a US Woman and extorted Rs 7 lakh

Man arrested by the Mumbai Police for extorting money from a US national,Identified as Raj Singh

A case has been registered against the accused and he has been taken into custody.The aggrieved woman is a resident of New York. The woman was being blackmailed by the accused for more than six months with the woman’s inappropriate photographs.

Raj Singh befriended the aggrieved woman on a social media website. Raj Singh introduced himself as a junior artiste to the woman. The two began talking to each other online and after some time, the 30-year-old woman shared her private pictures with the accused.

Raj Singh asked for the woman’s photographs to get her roles in Bollywood movies.However,Once he received the photographs, Raj started blackmailing the woman.Over a period of over six months,the accused managed to extort a total of Rs 7 lakh from the woman.

Raj Singh allegedly told the woman that if she did not pay the money to him, he would send her pictures to family and friends. The woman kept transferring the money into Raj Singh’s account as she was scared of her pictures going public. later the woman turned to the police for help. She took to the internet and filed an online complaint.

Based on the complaint, the police registered a case under,Section 384 (extortion),Section 420 (cheating),Section 500 (defamation),Section 385 (fear of injury to commit extortion),of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).After the case was filed, the police remanded Raj Singh in police custody.The mobile phone that had the aggrieved woman’s photographs has also been seized by the police.

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