5 reasons to watch karthik-prabhudheva's MERCURY

Mercury starring Prabhudeva, Sananth, Indhuja is hitting the screens TOMORROW, and this new concept is the talk of the day. Silent film: Mercury is a silent film or rather a no-dialogue film. Also, it is the second modern-day no-dialogue film in Indian cinema after Kamal Haasan’s Pesum Padam,which is a convincing reason to go and watch.

Karthik Subbaraj: Karthik’s films are always interesting and when he helms a silent film, that’s enough reason to catch it on the big screen.

Prabhudheva and supporting cast :With a walking dead effect, Prabhudheva’s role is supposed to be the highlight of the film. Apart from him, the film also has a good supporting cast with Sananth and Indhuja.

Mercury poisoning: The film suggestively titled Mercury is loosely based on the struggle of the workers in Kodaikanal who were affected by Mercury poisoning, the point is to see how he showed this social issue without dialouge as it requires heavy amount of dialouge.

Sound and music: While the film has no songs, music and sound will play an important role. Santhosh Narayanan, with Karthik Subbaraj has given quite a few gems, is in charge of the music.
this is something inspiring as well as new to see…

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