A phone with Dual Display:Vivo NEX

Innovative, good looks, and not so complicated

The Vivo NEX Dual Display is different, looks stunning, and is extremely simple and easy to use. And that I believe hints at some pretty cool phones from Vivo this year.
phone with two screens? Yes, that is what you call the Vivo NEX Dual. Vivo has turned something impossible into reality with the Vivo NEX Dual Display which was launched in China a few weeks ago. The NEX Dual Display is yet to hit the Indian shores but over here at India Today Tech we tried the phone to look at what Vivo has done with it. And what Vivo has done with it seems very impressive.

In China, the NEX Dual Display retails for CNY 4,998 which roughly translates to Rs 52,000.

After spending some good three days with the phone I can say that the Vivo NEX Dual Display may seem like a complicated phone to use with lots of tech crumbled into it, but in real usage, it is pretty easy and simple to use. That is always a sign of a good phone.

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