A Question Mark to ‘Motherhood’………….????

Jithu’s face was burnt, hands chopped off and one leg hacked.

A Question Mark to ‘Motherhood’………….????

Prathibha Nair

Only a few days back, there was a video that went viral, that of a dog taking an infant child away from a garbage.

It placed that child in front of a house so that its live can be saved. The child was immediately taken to the
hospital and got its life back just because an animal showed the courtesy to do so.

So the question is who is better?

Is it the dog or the human being who threw the child into the garbage considering a life as
waste for the own selfishness.

The police team probing the brutal murder of 14-year- old Jithu Job at Nedumbana in Kerala’s
Kollam district suspect that the boy’s mother single-handedly killed him and burnt the body.

Jithu’s face was burnt, hands chopped off and one leg hacked. The body was found in a banana plantation of
the house compound. The story of the gruesome killing unraveled when police questioned the
boy’s mother who had some burn injuries in her hands.

Losing temper for mothers is not a new case, but this is just a limit of an anger of a mother towards her own child.

The smiling face of Jayamol, a 44 year old mother, confessing the killing without regrets shows what?

The nightmares stirring inside a mother’s mind that would drive her to kill her
children are beyond comprehension for a common man.“She was incapable of realizing the
nature and consequences of her act… She did not know that it was wrong,” can be a statement of

But when an animal can understand what has happened was wrong, the value of life is
so important for that infant, how that is a complete human being could not realize the extent of the
deeds they do.

This incidence is a lesson for every mother who forgets while losing their temper that she is hurting
someone that she has indeed brought in to the planet to live along and not to be killed.

The nature itself has not given any rights to anyone to play with someone’s life or feelings. The pious word ‘Mother ‘will also come to an end if mothers do this to their children as all other relations are getting

Let Jayamol gets the extreme punishment for her deeds,

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