North is no monster, meets South Korea for reunion of families

A scenic Kumgang Mount becomes witness to the effort

It almost defies logic when one has to tell you that a monster is proving itself humane and the one, that fought the world for human rights, has turned a monster.

But life springs up surprises. Just when the US is busy separating small children from their immigrant parents at Mexican borders, the Korean Archipelago is undergoing a joyous makeover for peace. Not in a piecemeal fashion, but certainly in a lot.

North and South Korean delegates initiated talks to discuss humanitarian issues on Friday including reunion of families separated across their borders. This comes up after their first summit on April 27, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and top North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had agreed to hold the reunion around August 15.North’s scenic resort mountain of Kumgang became witness to this humanitarian initiative. Delegations from both sides met at 10 a.m. at a hotel there. The session lasted for 45 minutes.

This comes after the two sides agreed in April to pursue a reunion to mark a common national holiday in August. If the reunion is held as agreed upon, it would be first such event to mark the 73rd anniversary of the Korean liberation from a Japanese rule (1910-45), since October 2015.

“We should make active efforts for good results today by trusting and being considerate to each other,” said Pak Yong Il, the leader of the North’s delegation before going for the meet.

the two sides are also expected to discuss ways to fundamentally resolve humanitarian issues of people across the two Koreas.

So, North is no monster, it does have a sense of humanity.

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