A terrible Natural Disaster in Indian Ocean on 26th December,2004

‘TSUNAMI’ – A terrible Natural Disaster in the Indian Ocean on 26th December 2004

The origin of the great tsunami is actually coming from an earthquake in the sea. If the Earth’s surface moves at a large level due to earthquake, volcanic eruptions, eruptions and landslides within the sea, then it should be 50 to 100 feet high at 800 km.

At the speed of the hour, the shores begin to run and the night of the full moon – even if it takes the fierce Russians. This outbreak swallowed billions of property and millions of people on Sunday, December 26, 2004.

The Tsunami word is the Japanese word. Because of the presence of more earthquakes in Japan, people there have to face this outbreak. This tsunami storm in the Indian Ocean created such a stir on the four billion years old earthquake that Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Andaman Nicobar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala.

Until Sri Lanka and the Maldives, All coastal areas had to face a catastrophe. Many fishermen who earn the livelihood by catching fish have become victims of flood like this Holocaust. Air Force base located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands had caused severe damage, and more than 100 air force personnel became members of the class and their dynasty.

The navy was caught by the collapsed ropes, but four civilians were damaged. Port Blair had some damage to the runway but 14 aircraft left to rescue the five thousand feet of safe from being safe.

U.S. According to Ken Haddner, Geological Survey expert, 250 kilometers south of Sumatra Island, the magnitude of the earthquake which came under the sea level was about 9 on the Richter scale. This earthquake was so powerful that it shook several small islands in its place from 20 to 20 meters.

Although it is not possible to stop this natural outbreak and is not under the control of the machines, even though the information can be made by avoiding the information as well, although the information of this tsunami wave is one hour before it starts, i.e. 7 a.m.

50 minute the Chief of the IAF had met that the Air Force base of Car Nicobar has been submerged, however, 41 minutes later, the Meteorological Department has taken this destructive maritime bust.

If there had been a warning on time, so much would not have been known. This tsunami earthquake that came to India on Sunday was a new experience. But tsunami waves in the Pacific Ocean on July 17, 1998, 800 people had died in Philippi in 2500 and 23 August 1996 in Phillips with their dogs.

While passing this information to the Indian Meteorological Department, we could not imagine how the tsunami wave could rise in the Indian Ocean if the situation in the coastal areas of India is different.

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