Aadhaar leak alleged; pvt info on 1.3 lakh people out in open; know how

newest data leak suggests that there may be no need for hackers to go looking for UIDAI

Despite the UIDAI assertion that to the apex court that its database cannot be breached or used to profile citizens, it has now emerged that the Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation may have exposed private information about individuals.

This was first pointed out by a cyber security researcher complained that the state-run body had exposed Aadhaar numbers of 1.3 lakh people.

The newest data leak suggests that there may be no need for hackers to go looking for UIDAI.

Even the government departments are already using the unique identification number to aggregate data from different departments, complete with the individual’s religion, caste, bank account numbers and their exact location.

This is what made the leak more dangerous. It also had a search feature which could generate targeted lists of people based on their religion and caste and even show their exact location because of geo-tagging.

Srinivas Kodali, the Hyderabad-based cyber security researcher, says this was contrary to what the centre had been telling the Supreme Court.

This comes in sharp contrast to the UIDAI informing the Supreme Court that Aadhaar can never be used for surveillance or to track religious and caste information.

But the fact is the Andhra Pradesh government has used Aadhaar to build profiles of their beneficiaries.

All of this information is in public domain and it could be misused by political parties for voter profiling.

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