Media kept out of president’s loop in Chhattisgarh

AAP questions government’s motive behind the step


Media representatives were not allowed to venture near president Ramnath Kovind. The president arrived on a two day official Bastar visit on Wednesday. However, by making huim inaccessible to the media, the state government has allowed people to raise questions on its motives.

While security concerns in the worst Maoist affected region in Chhattisgarh have been cited for this action, a persistent view being taken on the issue is that the state government may have much to hide from public glare in the entire region.

It has been continuously harping on development projects In Bastar. Development has often been claimed to be the main power in a fight to contain Maoist rebels in Bastar. However, its claims on implementation of development projects have been sniped at.

‘Chief Minister Dr. Raaman Singh has been feeling jittery as development projects have been implemented only on papers. Nothing is seen over the ground. Laying out roads in the region can’t be considered enough development activity. The government has not involved local labour with laying out of these roads,’ said Uchit Sharma, the Chhattisgarh state spokesperson of Aam Adami Party claimed.

Sharma said that he was not at all surprised by government’s decision to keep media at a marked distance from president Kovind. He said, ‘Media knows there has been no actual development in Bastar region. Aboriginals of Bastar do not believe things are going to change during CM Raman Singh’s tenure in the high office. So, the government was quite expected to keep media away from the President of India. That saves the face of this government, which is nearing the last lap of its third mandate to rule the state.’

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