Bihar cancels selection of 50 NGOs for running shelter homes

Abuse varying in forms was prevalent in shelter homes


Selection of 50 non-government organisations (NGOs) for running shelter homes across Bihar were cancelled by the state government. NGOs in the state will now be run by the government itself, said an official on Tuesday. The NGOs running all such short stay homes in the state will be replaced by the Social Welfare Department, he added.

The decision came in view of over 30 rape cases and death of two women inmates at the Muzaffarpur shelter home.

A social audit by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) from Mumbai had exposed the Muzaffarpur horror, which further pointed towards the regretful condition of the shelter homes which were being run by the NGOs in Bihar.

"The government has cancelled NGOs selected recently for running the shelter homes. The Social Welfare Department will take over the management in the next three months," the department official said.

Sexual abuse varying in forms and degrees was prevalent in almost all Bihar shelter homes, the 100-page TISS report had stated.

The audit was commissioned by the state government in 2017.

Brajesh Thakur was named the main accused in the Muzaffarpur shelter home case. He was arrested and jailed along with nine others.

The CBI probe into the incident is being monitored by the Patna High Court.

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