Additional facilities dedicated in Indira Gandhi hospital blood bank, for these patients

Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Shri Arif Aqueel today dedicated additional facilities in the Blood Bank at Indira Gandhi Hospital.

Shri Aqueel also visited the Blood Bank’s Blood Storage Lab and Blood Component Lab. Shri Aqueel also spoke to the donors at the voluntary blood donation camps organized by Helping Youth Association.

He urged the association to inspire young people to donate blood. He said that blood donation is a pious work, it gives life to others.

Packed cell, platelets and plasma will now be available in the hospital’s blood bank.

Packed cell is used to treat anaemia in pregnant women and children, heart disease, Thalassemia and other diseases related to old age.

Platelet is used in dengue and cancer, bleeding disorder and ulcers. Plasma is used in liver disease and burn cases.

These facilities will prove to be beneficial for patients of Indira Gandhi hospital, Sultania Zanana Hospital and other hospitals of the city.

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