Afghanistan: 2 soldiers killed,10 injured in Kabul military base attack

In Afghanistan,two soldiers have been killed today in an ongoing attack at an army base near a military academy in Kabul. Defence ministry spokesman, Dawlat Waziri said 10 persons were also injured in the attack. He said Five militants were involved in the attack, three of whom have been killed and one bomber detonated himself.

A spokesman said another bomber was detained by Afghan forces. He said the attack began at about 0500 hrs local time at a military base of the Afghan National Army in the west of Kabul.
The latest attack comes days after the deadliest bombing for months hit Kabul when an ambulance packed with explosives killed at least 100 people and wounding 235. Afghan and Western governments have blamed the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani Network, in at least some of the recent attacks in the capital.

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