Girl students of Hidayatullah Law University no longer want to be caged

After a night-long sit out in the campus, they demonsrate outside the registrar office


Girl students studying law in Hidayatullah Law University don’t want to be bound up within their campus by any authority. They came out of their hostels enmasse on Monday night to demostrate against the old time practice of not allowing girls to vemture out of their hostels after a deifinite period of time.

After a sit-in demonstration all night, the students took out a ‘march for freedom’ on Tuesday morning. They started demonstration against the so-called discrimination with girls as no boy student is ever asked to imprison himself in his hostel room. The students rached outside the varsity registrar’s office in the morning and started their demostration demanding more freedom for girls to move at their will.

The girl students, who joined the demonstration, wanted university to belive that they were not asking a permission to go outside the university campus late in the night but their freedom must not be compromised for any reason. Going by the present practice, the hostel administration packs the girls inside their rooms after 9PM. After that, no girl is allowed to go even to the mess or library.

However, the timing chosen for pressing on with their demand of greater freedom for girls within the campus of Hidayatullah La University seems to be most instructive. Students came out with their demand just a few days after Chhattisgarh High Court passed an order, removing the previous Vice Chancellor of the University. This allowed University administration to keep the girls watching without even moving their little finger to meet the demands put forth by them.

They told media representatives that right now, no competent authority is present in the varsity to decide upon the demands of the agitating students. Only a new incumbant in the VC office could rightfully decide on the issue raised by them.

Meanwhile, Boy students have lent their complete support to their fellow agitating students, calling their demand as completely just one. They accompanied the girl students all through their nightly sit out in the University campus.

Buoyed by the support of their peers, the agitating girl students have warned the varsity administration to take an appropriate decision on their demand within 10 days, failing which, the girls would intensify their movement further.

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