After HC order, Mamata Banerjee says won’t tolerate riots in West Bengal

Fumed over Calcutta High Court’s decision to allow Durga idols immersion on all days including Muharram, Mamata Banerjee hit out at the decision saying that the state government will not take any responsibility if anything goes wrong. According to CNN-News18, Banerjee warned that she would not tolerate any riots in West Bengal and said that she would not bow down to the diktat issued. She further refuted appeasement allegations on the state government and was quoted as saying, “You can slit my throat but cannot tell me what to do.” Earlier, the Calcutta High Court had termed the government’s directive as “arbitrary”, asked the police to ensure separate routes are designated for Durga idol immersion by Hindus and for tazia of Muslims. The West Bengal government had announced in August that idol immersion will not be allowed after 6 pm on 30 September and or on 1 October, the day Muharram is scheduled to be observed. On Wednesday, while hearing the three PILs challenging the restrictions on immersion of idols, the court had said that mere assumption that a law and order situation might arise, owing to Vijaya Dashami and Muharram falling one after the other, could not be the basis of imposing curbs on immersion timings.

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