Gandhi Jayanthi big campaign against dowry and from child marriage

Nitish Kumar in Bihar after Temperance and social stakes are 2 play. 2nd October Gandhi Jayanti nitish Kumar on the sidelines of the dowry system and child marriage completely off the big campaign. According to these, nitish Dawood campaign along the lines of the scale for the larger Temperance will try to create. It will also visit out of Bihar and Bihar.

The way the longest human chains in favor of temperance, which according to the same record in favor of the dowry from the masses to the oath that neither will nor the dowry. As well as the Temperance and the very strict laws against child marriage dowry bring announced on October 2nd.

People of all strata of the society and plan to add this drive. While this social campaign among nitish Kumar is also the political equation. In fact, nitish Kumar to target female voters is much behind the strategy. BJP after coming up with the top contenders will get how much in the Bihar politics part of the discussion now about this has begun. All 40 Lok Sabha seats the BJP where strengthening the organization declared the top contenders have announced to do the same. That's right after the event occurred when the top contenders include the NDAs in place even if Modi Government.

There nitish Kumar 2019 before your want to bargain stronger ground so that their political potential. 33 per cent quota for women in Panchayats from temperance, to mahiaon in the State's large sections had the sapart, nitish Kumar. Metalhead and female voters in Bihar, nitish Kumar from the sapart big brother want to maintain the role of. In 2009 Lok Sabha elections with the top contenders and top contenders land fought was fought on 15 seats 25 and BJP but since then things have changed a lot-ever. The BJP now claim to be the big brother.

Top contenders from his campaign is not political views. The top contenders leader Sanjay JHA said nitish Kumar campaign politics shouldn't. He said nitish Kumar are issues such as leader of Bihar between politics and his no-show strength. Sanjay JHA said that even in these two campaigns after the Temperance State support of Kumar. The top contenders-BJP 40-40 of seats to consolidate both organizations said that if the announcement of the NDA is to win all the seats in Bihar, all must and every seat each other on cadre sapart strong. There is not any differences. But according to sources arjedi-Congress coalition after breaking several steps and statements of nitish Kumar, alarmed by the BJP and its ground before 2019 somehow want to be weak.

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