After posting corruption video on facebook,Tamil Nadu officer attempted suicide

A 4th battalion sub-inspector at Tamil Nadu Srikanth,tried to kill himself after exposing corruption on facebook via video. According to the sources,he was forced to sign on duplicate bills to pay a bribe of Rs 15,000 to his seniors. He has stated that he was under immense pressure to do things that he was not willing to do. Srikanth claimed that he was upset that he couldn’t work honestly.

“There was a lot of corruption involved. I took photos and sent it to the IG. An inquiry was commissioned. But, finally, no action was taken as the person was a higher official. There was corruption in the transport department, even in buying canteen essentials,” he said in his Facebook video.

Srikanth Jeysri has said that he took the extreme step failing to bear pressure from higher authorities over his decision to expose corruption. He posted a video on social networking site Facebook yesterday around noon. He further stated that he couldn’t stand the scale of corruption anymore. He has named one official as Subramani, who allegedly gets a kickback of Rs 15,000 every month.

Srikanth has alleged that after he exposed the corrupt officials, he was targeted by his seniors. He was transferred to the 15th Battalion of the Tamil Nadu Special Police Force as punishment, he claims.


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