After theaters worldwide, ‘Bahubali’ now performs in operation theater

Blockbuster ‘Bahubali’ may have been screened in theaters across world but an the film has also now gotten screened in an unexpected spot. The film was screened in a private hospital in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh  while doctors performed a critical brain surgery. With its success, doctors are now referring to the surgery as “Bahubali Brain Surgery”. Forty- three-year-old Vinaya Kumari, working as a nurse, suffered fits and was later detected with brain tumour. On September 21, she was operated upon, at the Tulasi Multi-specialty Hospital in Guntur. As it was important for the patient to remain conscious through the entire procedure, the doctors decided to screen “Bahubali” on a laptop, to keep the patient awake and engaged.  The team of doctors who performed the surgery credited the film for its success.
Dr Srinivas, neurosurgeon said, “In this surgery it was important for the patient to stay conscious and the film managed to do exactly that. The patient did not panic through the process, in fact, she was enjoying and humming the songs.” Vinaya Kumari, now discharged from the hospital, said, “The surgery lasted for about an hour and half, but I hoped it would go on a bit longer, so that I could see the entire film.”

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After theaters worldwide, 'Bahubali' now performs in operation theater
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