After triggering nepotism debate, Kangana Ranaut now has a strong message for privileged Bollywood kids

Kangana Ranaut in her most recent interview said that the nepotism debate did not affect her at all and also taking a dig at Karan Johar’s blog she said that it was more of a brainwash than being objective.
In the same interview, the actress also slammed the privileged Bollywood kids for not respecting the guidance they receive from their childhood and always complaining about the constant pressure they have from their audience and the critics since the day of their official launch in the industry.
The Queen star continued, “Do these Bollywood kids know that it takes almost 10 years to build an audience and to get a critic. These star kids already start from a point where they have everything and they are not aware of the fact that for an outsider, it can take his entire lifetime to reach the starting point.”
“I got one critic after struggling for 10 years and no one cared whether I was alive or dead prior to me becoming a star. One has to earn their critics, so you are privileged, let me put this way and yes, it is not your fault. But at the same time, it is a democracy and we cannot let the society be segregated in this extreme manner and we have to make sure everyone is given the equal opportunities.”
Continuing to prove her point, she bluntly said, “If the privileged Bollywood kids tag them as “lucky” then it is their very personal opinion of themselves. You might think that you are very fortunate but looking at the mediocrity you display, I might not think that. Hence, stop feeding it to me- “I am the fortunate one, so what?” You are feeding this to me but I don’t think you believe that.”
Well, it appears Kangana Ranaut certainly made a lot of things clear.

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