Agitating families of police personnel find a sympathiser in Ajit Jogi

Jogi messages demonstrators, alleging Raman govt. not serious about anything


The agitated families of policemen today found a sympathizer for themselves. The fist Chief Minister of the state and President of Chhattisgarh Janata Congress (Jogi) Ajit Jogi today addressed police families, who are holding demonstrations against the state government here for not fulfilling their demands, through a message.

He said in his message that the government of Chhattisgarh is not able even to take proper care of those, who virtually run the administration.

When these people hit the street against the government, one has to understand that the entire state is going through a rough stage, which could weigh heavily on the welfare of citizens.

Jogi’s message read, ‘Nothing good is happening in the state under this government. This calamitous state of affairs has been forced upon people for no fault of ther own. The present government is completely at fault and it can never absolve itself of its responsibility.

While commoners are miffed with the ways of this government, police personnel too, are no better off. This government is gifting life’s goodies to naxalites but it is completely careless about the security people. Neither lay people, nor police personnel have any confidence left on this government.’

Jogi alleged that the government under the leadership of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh is not serious about anything. It organizes big political functions to honour naxalites who surrender due to pressure exerted on them by police personnel but it doesn’t care two hoots about the welfare of its police.

Jogi said, ‘This government provides jobs to former Maoists but brands families of police personnel serving the state as anti-government elements.

He claimed that the government is trying to mangle up a situation that could be handled easily over the table of talk.’ Jogi also alleged that this government has misused police forces for settling its own scores. It has neither taken police reforms seriously, nor has it worked towards establishing a better relationship with commoners.’

Jogi didn’t stop at that note. He also promised them that if his party succeeds in forming the next government of the state then it will completely devote itself towards creating a society that would be more responsive and more sensitive towards the sufferings of each and every man of the state

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