Ahead of SCO meeting; Putin mentions rapid growing economies of India, China and Russia

He was speaking to Chinese media when he made this assertion

Ahead of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in China, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has named India, China and his own country as major players in the grouping.

It need be mentioned that the SCO is to meet for its 18th summit in eastern China’s coastal city of Qingdao a few days from now.

He was speaking to Chinese media when he made this assertion.

Putin said that the SCO grouping has evolved from a group that was initially launched to resolve border issues between China, Russia and erstwhile constituents of the Soviet Union.

He said that the SCO member-states account for one-fourth of the world’s GDP, 43% of the international population and 23% of the global territory.

Putin also mentioned the rapid economic growth of China, India and Russia, all of which are major players in the organization.

It has been said that while Russia pushed for India’s membership in the SCO, China facilitated Pakistan’s entry into the bloc.

It is likely that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet Putin on the sidelines of the Qingdao summit.

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