Aiims Doctor said “We Receive 4 Thousand Letters Of Mlas Mps”

Aiims Doctor said, “We Receive 4 Thousand Letters Of MLAs MPs”.

The doctors of the AIIMS are fed up with the recommendations of getting admission in AIIMS. They get 2 to 4 thousand recommended letters daily for early treatment and admission.

Disturbed by this, resident doctors of AIIMS have appealed to lawmakers and MLAs across the country not to make recommendations. If you really want to help the patients then write a letter to the Prime Minister and Health Minister about the lack of treatment in your area.

On Tuesday, a Delhi MP wrote a recommendation letter for the treatment of kidney patients. After this letter, resident doctors of AIIMS say that the patient is not able to get treatment, but he becomes a problem.

MPs and MLAs write letters to give false solutions to the patient. Dr. Harjit Singh Bhati, President of the Resident Doctors Association of AIIMS said that it is a daily work. Every MP and MLA send someone’s recommendation on their letter pad.

They do not even think that AIIMS has limited beds. If there is no facility for treatment in their area, as often as you write a letter to AIIMS, write a letter to PM and Health Minister many times and tell them that they do not have health facilities. If they do not do so, the problems of the people of their area will never be less.

Doctor Bhati said that MLAs and MPs from all over the country write letters. On average, there are two to four thousand recommendations each day. The problem is that the curing doctor does not see those letters seriously because it is important for those patients who are in front of them.

It is difficult to admit the recommendation of a patient by avoiding the need of a patient. In such a situation the problem of that patient increases.

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