Air India institutes internal probe; after a crew ‘slapped’ another in flight

flight at the time was headed for Frankfurt

Air India has instituted an internal probe into what is now being alleged that a senior crew member slapped junior woman colleague on the issue of food item wrongly served.

The Air India spokesperson confirmed that an internal probe has been ordered into the incident that is said to have taken place on March 17.

It is said that the incident was caused due to serving of non-veg food to a vegetarian passenger.

The flight at the time was headed for Frankfurt.

It so happened that the cabin attendant mistakenly served non-vegetarian food instead of a vegetarian food to a passenger in the business class of flight that took off from New Delhi.

The passenger pointed out the mistake to the cabin supervisor but did not file any complaint.

Even the attendant apologized on her realizing the mistake and took to replacing the meal.

The cabin crew supervisor however did not let it go and apparently in heat of the moment even slapped the woman.

The junior colleague did not retaliate but later filed a complaint with Air India’s inflight service department over the incident.

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