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Air India to Operate 5 flights for Gulf Countries Under Vande Bharat Mission Today

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, five flights are scheduled from the Gulf countries under Vande Bharat Mission. It will take more than 880 distressed and stranded citizens back to the country.

There are two flights scheduled from Dubai, one to Kannur and the other to Mangalore. The flight to Mangalore has approximately 40 pregnant women, more than 25 cases of medical emergencies, at least three dozen distressed workers, stranded tourists and some students as passengers. From Muscat, 180 people are likely to fly back to Chennai.

Dammam Kochi will see more than 160 people going back, while Doha Thiruvananthapuram special flight will take back approximately 180 people. The Doha flight had to be called off on Sunday due to technical reasons has been rescheduled today.

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