Air quality of Delhi got worst after fog on Sunday

The Pollution Control Board official said that for the next few days, the air quality in Delhi will stay above the count of 350.

According to meteorological department forecast, easterly winds, blowing from Uttar Pradesh, will introduce moisture in the city’s air over the next few days and fog will start building from October 29.

The sky has gradually started turning hazy and will remain visibly polluted over the next three to four days.

On Wednesday, Delhi had a “very poor” AQI at 344 while Ghaziabad had the worst air quality in the country of “severe” levels at 425. Bhiwadi 397, Gurgaon 318 and Noida 363 all were in the very poor levels.

According to the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research, PM10 readings on Wednesday was 301µgm3 and is expected to touch 313µgm3 on Thursday, both in “poor” levels. PM2.5 levels were at 175 µgm3 and expected to reach 182 µgm3 on Thursday, both in “very poor” levels.


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