AirAsia flight cabin pressure dips; leaves passengers terrified

It was terrifying experience for the passengers aboard an AirAsia flight which took off from Perth to reach Bali.

The plane was  forced to turn back to Perth after it lost cabin pressure.

The passengers recalled how the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling as the cabin pressure dipped adding to the fright of the passengers.

There is also a video circulating on different social media platforms where in it has been shown that distressed passengers wearing oxygen masks with an alarm blaring and AirAsia staff calling for people to assume the brace position.

According to a major media channel, the crew’s reaction created further fear.

Air Asia has meanwhile clarified that the plane suffered a “technical issue”. The aircraft dropped from an altitude of 32,000 feet to 10,000 feet within a few minutes.

Australian media reported that the incident took place 25 minutes after take-off.

According to an AFP report, AirAsia apologised for the scare, blaming a “technical issue” without elaborating on the cause.


The safety of passengers and crew is our priority,” the airline said in a statement.

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