Box Office Collection of Raid Movie on first Monday collection get 7 crore

On Monday, the film collected a collection of 7 crore rupees

Ajay Devgan starrer Raid has made a whopping Rs 41 crore on his first weekend. Raided Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Padman’, Raid became the highest grossing movie of the second weekend of the year. On Sunday, it got Rs 17.11 crore in its account, but on Monday, the film’s earnings saw a decline of around Rs 11 crore. On Monday, the film collected a collection of 7 crore rupees.

Ajay Devgan and Ileana D’Cruz starrer Raid have earned Rs 47 crores in 4 days. Hopefully, the film will cross the 50 million mark on the 5th day. Let me tell you, on the first day (Friday) the film’s earnings is 10.04. On Saturday, it had raised Rs 13.86 crore and on Sunday Rs 17.11 crore.

Raid has also appreciated the audience along with Critics. After the weekend, it is imperative to fall in the earnings of the film on wick. Let me tell you, Raid is a story based on some real events that happened in the 80’s, where the Red Tax was cast by the Income Tax Department. It is also called the longest running red. Actor Ajay Devgan’s strong acting is also praised, who, despite being an action hero, do all his actions without moving his hands and feet.

Ajay Devgan is also praised because he does a masala movie like ‘Golmal’ and ‘Singham’ on one side, while enjoying the audience’s heart by playing spin and ground role in ‘Visim’ and ‘Red’. His films are very close to reality. Director of ‘Red’ is Raj Kumar Gupta and the film was released on March 16 in close proximity.

Ajay Devgan starrer Raid film collected 7 crore on Monday

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